Tuesday, 24 November 2015

December 3rd

Well.. Last month, Sarah Franken was incredible.. And for December, we're finishing off the year with a bang.. Next months headliner, coming back to ManillaRoad is


Since coming to the UK, the Canadian has built up a reputation as a popular and highly recommended comedian. He is willing to tackle a huge range of topics, from the obscure to the familiar, from a simple gag to quirky, inventive, rambling anecdotes with unexpected punchlines. Even if he occasionally seems to lose sight of where he's going, at least you know he's taking the audience with him.

'Wonderfully imaginative, original and hilarious' (Rhod Gilbert)

'So cool he could well be the answer to global warming. Gloriously funny silly and smart' (The Scotsman)

'Unmissable' (Edinburgh Evening News)

'Rock 'n' roll comedian. Absolutely boxfresh; nothing is staid about Stade' (Evening Standard)

'One of the best practitioners of stand-up we've got... stand-up elite' (Chortle)

'An insider's tip for comedy greatness... comic riffs of monumental proportions'

Also on the bill are Andrew McBurney & Jack Kirwan, Chris (YEAHHH) Norton-Walker, Josh Pugh..

Doors 8pm.. To guarantee a seat, recommended to get there early..

Peace x

Friday, 4 September 2015

October 1st

Well. September was a smasher and October is gonna be another belter..

We're kicking off Birmingham Comedy Festival in style with a legend of the circuit headlining


There's not much we can say about Roger that hasn't already, he's badass..

"his laconic delivery shields an engaging persona and an enquiring mind" - The Guardian

Roger Monkhouse is one of the most original and distinctive acts on the comedy scene. A consummate stand-up who employs a deadly combination of charm and menace to exert a masterful control over any audience. A highly original and quirky performer, Roger's trademark stage-prowling style and curious, inimitable manner have established him as one of the hottest names on the comedy circuit.
Distinguished as a comic by his eloquence and keen eye for a fine phrase, Roger's easy observational style is spiked by the signal flares of an accomplished gag writer. As one of the most sought after acts on the comedy circuit, Roger headlines at all the major comedy venues and has performed extensively throughout the United Kingdom and Internationally, most recently performing in Belgium, The Netherlands, South Africa, China, Singapore, Tokyo and the Middle East. 

"unfailingly entertaining and skilfully able to pull punchlines, seemingly, out of thin air" -

"packs in more observations on the human condition in a twenty minute set than a whole lecture on Jean-Paul Sartre" - Venue Magazine

 "an enthusiasm akin to that of an excitable professor who's just found the gene that would enable a python to grow a beard" - Manchester Evening News

 "Witnessing a Roger (no relation to the late, great but distinctly orange Bob) Monkhouse gig is a little like watching a dotty old university professor at work. Although much funnier, of course" - Manchester Evening News

"Highly regarded by his peers on the circuit - he's shaven-headed, topical, good, and nothing to do with Bob" - Evening Standard

“Some of the material’s saucy – and uncompromisingly so – other parts are passionate and polemic. He’s sometimes topical, sometimes punny. Sometimes clever, sometimes daft. There is, in short, something in this varied comedy menu for every taste…a gifted natural… one of the consummate professionals of the stand-up circuit” - Chortle

Of course, entry is FREE and there'll be support from 4 top emerging acts.. 
Doors open 8pm, its recommended to get there early to guarantee a seat..

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

September 3rd


Well, if you thought August was good, September is looking another gem with brilliant headliner


Seen him rip it at the Glee club earlier this year, now he's gonna do the same at ManillaRoad..

With a Brown Eyed Boy series on MTV under his belt, Marlon Davis is a bright young comedian, improviser and actor who embraces his work with energy and charm, embodying his characters and delivering his material with skilful observations.

Crowned winner of the broadcast FHM Search For A Stand-up Competition, and finalist in 3 other national comedy awards, Marlon works all over the UK doing sets, compering and headlining, including being a huge hit at the 1800 capacity Leicester Comedy Festival's Preview Show, London's Comedy Store, Comedy Cafe, Lee Hurst's' fymfyg, BBC Presents Comedy.

Marlon's act is inspired from his upbringing, exploring urban Britain tackling its social issues with skilful characterisations.

"Bursts on to the stage like a breath of fresh air, with impish grin, boyish enthusiasm and an effortlessly open, confident style" Chortle

"Davis is charming, with a winning smile, his passion in acting out all the little scenarios that comprise his set is enviable" Chortle

"He's going to be a star, has all charm and passion of Chris Rock" Adam Bloom

"Marlon was amazing!! Got one of the best receptions all day - and the Comedy tent was busier than ever! That boy's going to go far!" Mick Bateman, RISE Festival 

He'll be supported on the night by some yop emerging acts.
Doors 8pm. Recommended to get there early to guarantee a seat

FREE entry

Monday, 27 July 2015

August 6th

In August we've got another top lineup headlined by the excellent


Seen Peter rock the Glee club earlier this year and you can now catch him here, for FREE

He's been nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award and a Writer's Guild of Canada Award, and appeared in a TV mini-series with Pierce Brosnan.

'He's performed all across Canada, including the prestigious Just For Laugh's international comedy festival in Montreal and has written for various television shows.

'One of the Top 5 up and coming comics in Canada' (CBC Radio One)

'People adore Peter White!' (The Coast, Halifax)

'Belly laughs... absolutely brilliant' (Chortle).

Also on the bill are Wizzy Janew, Chris Norton-Walker, Paul Savage & Ben Slaughter

Doors 8pm, FREE entry..

Recommended to get in early to guarantee a seat..

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

July 2nd


YES! We're back at The Vic on July with one of our favourite comedians doing a FULL Edinburgh preview


John has been performing standup since 2006.He has won the Montreal Comedy Festival Home-grown Comedy Competition, has been called “one to watch” by the Comedy Network and was the only Canadian Finalist of the 2011 San Francisco Comedy Competition. In 2012 John moved to London England which gave him the opportunity to be featured on BBC radio 4, BBC.com as a comedy correspondent and be selected to appear in the Comedy Reserve Showcase at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival in 2013. He was also nominated twice for a Canadian Comedy Award.

Since then he has been going from strength to strength entertaining audiences across the country engaging them with his sharp punchlines delivered through his observational storytelling style.

Awards -

- Winner of the 2012 COCA Comedian of the Year
- Performer in the 2011 “Pilot Week” comedy writing/performance competition for Insight Prod
- Youngest and only Canadian Finalist of the 2011 San Francisco Comedy Competition
- Winner of the 2010 Homegrown Comedy Competition
- Nominated as one of the XM Top 8 New Comedians in Canada
- Performance Nominated for Best Ensemble Theatre Piece Category at the 2007/2008 Montreal English Critics Circle Awards (MECCAs)
- Nominated as Best Newcomer for the 2010 Canadian Comedy Awards
- Nominated as Best Taped Performance 2013 Canadian Comedy Awards

Also on are Andrew McBurney & the unmissable Bob Blackman Appreciation Society..

Doors 8pm.. Do come early for a seat..
FREE entry..

Peace x

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

May 7th


Its our birthday, we're 3yrs old and to celebrate we've got a proper comedy legend headlining in..


Banned from more comedy clubs than any other standup in the UK and funny as f**k.. Have a gander....

Ian Cognito is one of the best comics on the national circuit, a veteran who clearly knows what he’s doing as he spits his darkly humorous vitriol over an unsuspecting crowd. Outspoken, opinionated, and totally clued up, this man’s take on the world will have you convinced and convulsed (with laughter).

"Cognito’s indignant polemic is a bracing antidote to more amiable routines. When a comedian can transform rage into humour without diluting their passion, the result is always riveting. Share his inspired madness." - William Cook, The Guardian

"Cognito puts them all in the shade. If you want to know what’s wrong with New Britain, Ian Cognito’s going to tell you. And if you don’t, you’d better keep your mouth shut. Just stunning." - Phil Daoust, The Guardian

"Ian Cognito is up there with the greats. He rants - but not without thought." - Evening Standard

"There is no doubting Ian Cognito’s blazing talent as a stand-up." - Time Out

Of course, its FREE entry & there'll be some ace emerging acts supporting..
See you's there.. Doors 8pm..

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

April 2nd

April is gonna be SMASHING!! Get on the Manillatrain with brilliant headliner


Have a read of this bio, by himself..

I am a stand-up comedian, a metalhead, an amateur occultist and a musician. I've pretty much been a show off since birth. I did comedy sketches in assemblies at school, and pissed away my A Levels making comedy films with my mates on my brothers camcorder. You will never get to see these, because my mates would fucking kill me if I put them on the net.

I've done a bit of telly, (including Never Mind The Buzzcocks, and Saxondale with Steve Coogan) and lots of radio (including BBC Radio 1, Radio 4, Radio 4 Extra, and 5live) but live is where the hidden mind-control signals planted in my work are most effective.

I'm a bit of a regular on the comedy stages at Download, Sonisphere, Bloodstock, Leeds and Reading festivals. I've opened for Amanda Palmer off of the Dresden Dolls, done audience warm-up for Never Mind the Buzzcocks, hosted the Metal Hammer Golden Gods, played at Torture Garden and the Bizarre Magazine Ball and load of other events where people mainly wear shiny things.

I'm vegan, as you can tell by the fact that I have a lithe, sinewy body. I'm a heterosexual transvestite, as you can tell by the fact that I wear female clothes and fancy girls. I'm not a goth. This is an understandable error, but there is a difference between a metaller who cross-dresses and a goth. And if need be I will fight you to demonstrate that difference. I've got nothing against goths. Some of my best friends are goths. Their food is lovely and they have natural rhythm.

I am in a steampunk band called The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing and I do walking tours of Jack The Ripper's murder sites.

"An increasingly distinctive, imaginative act... brilliant, genuinely unexpected lines are added to the mix. At this rate, it won't be long until he's huge." - Chortle

"He's got a natural optimism and love of silliness that leaves you feeling remarkably positive... a winning blend of polemic and off-beat whimsy." - The Guardian

"One of the funniest comedians on the circuit at the moment... hitting new heights of comedic brilliance."
- TimeOut

Sold! He's fucking ace..
As usual, doors 8pm.. And entry is FREE

Sunday, 1 March 2015

March 5th


More free comedy at The Victoria on March 5th and we've got another smashing headliner in


Nick's played here before and we loved him, as did you so he's coming back..
Have a gander at this........

Nick Doody has been performing comedy since the 90s when, as a student, he got off to a pretty good start by supporting the legendary Bill Hicks, at Bill's request. A little later, Nick was a finalist in Channel 4's So You Think You're Funny? competition.

Since then he has performed all over the world: Ireland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Estonia... You get the idea. He was the first British comedian to perform in Croatia.

Nick has appeared on various radio and TV shows, and is also much in demand as a writer. He has penned jokes for Joan Rivers, Lenny Henry, Dame Edna Everage and an uncomfortable number of Mock The Week regulars. He was also the creator and head writer of Bigipedia, a critically acclaimed Radio 4 show that broadcast in 2009 and 2011.

“A fully considered, from the heart, yet darkly hilarious hour examining blind belief…He explains himself in such a way, and with such spell-binding warmth that it’s difficult to feel offended.” - THE LIST MAGAZINE

“All hail Nick Doody…true comedy gold: polished, rich in material and a find among all the fools.” - METRO

Of course, Nick will have some top emerging acts on the bill with him..

As per, it's FREE entry, doors 8pm..

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Latest advert ever

We're back in February with more free comedy from


We love Harriet, you will too.. Have a read why....

“Instinctively funny…seems certain to become a comic force to be reckoned with” – Chortle

Fresh and unique, it’s a pleasure to spend time in Harriet’s company as she weaves her surreal and hilarious tales. An imitable raconteur, it’s easy to see how this new act is making a big noise.

Harriet already has heads turning with her baffling tales of a misspent youth, and bewildering personal tales that are so ridiculous, they must be true. Establishing her own style of material and delivery after such a short time, means Harriet’s stock can only continue to rise.

A unique comic voice, Dyer charms any room with matchless material, an offbeat stage presence and a truly whirlwind fizz of energy.

“She’s got funny bones” – Kevin Bridges

“Dyer made the audience feel at home and managed to wow the crowd… Loveable and delightful” – Three Weeks

“A bundle of whimsical hilarity… a breath of fresh air.. will have you in stitches” – Broadway Baby

Of course, there will be some cracking emerging acts on the bill too..
Doors 8pm.. See you's there